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Create meetings

Online agenda

Everbody can add items to be discussed during the meeting.

Vote upfront

Agree or not

Once a meeting has been locked, you can see all items and vote upfront.

Add notes

Documenting and decisions

The secretary can add notes during the meeting to document the discussion/decision for each item.

Move items

Other meeting

Does the decision need to be taken in a different meeting? Move the item without loosing the history.

About us and Features

What can DigiNotes do for you?

About DigiNotes

DigiNotes started out as a custom project for a city council. After taking note of the needs DigiNotes was developped to meet them.

If there's one customer with a need like that, there are probably more people with the same problem: DigiNotes turned into a product.

What DigiNotes can offer you

  • User friendly software with embedded help-function
  • Possibility to add as many items as you want to discuss
  • Vote upfront to shorten the meeting itself
  • Archive functionality of meeting minutes



Categorise your meetings in f.e. General meeting, board of directors,... Each category can have different settings.


Invite users for a meeting and let them add items and vote upfront.


Control which user has what abilities within a meeting.

Automatic reports

The meeting is over? Directly share the report with all participants.


See the application

These screenshots are but a part of the application but should give you an idea how everything is structured.

DigiNotes Screenshot

Accessible anywhere

The big advantage of online software is that the only things you need to use the applicaton are a computer/tablet and an internetconnection.

Other advantages are that you'll always have the latest version of the software without having to install updates. And if anything would not work, the software can always be inspected/fixed from anywhere.

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